Nov 25

Our recent Trials

So what did you all do when the storms hit and your power failed.. Were you prepared?

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  1. Spittien Kitten

    I live in Windsor Locks. Our neighborhood was without power for 10 days!!! I live in a ranch style home with a small wood stove in the basement. I will never live anywhere again that doesn’t have an alternate source of heat. We were able to keep the temp in the house between 60 – 65 degrees even on the coldest nights during that 10 day period just with that great little wood stove. It also has a flat top so we were able to cook soups and heat up hot water for tea and instant coffee, ramen noodles, rice a roni, etc. Was a drag heating up hot water and carrying it upstairs to the kitchen. But we faired far better than some of our neighbors.

    Lesson learned – would have been nice to have some paper plates and styro cups to cut down on trying to heat water to do dishes!!! My food storage of 2 weeks is now being increased to 90 days minimum!!! Would like to have a 6 month supply and ultimately a year supply. I also learned that we needed more emergency candles, and lantern oil. Rest be assured we are accumulating, little by little, those types of supplies also. I am quickly becoming a believer in prepping after that experience!

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