Feb 16

Great Things are stirring! Connecticut Preppers Network is Growing!!

Hello Fellow Nutmeggers!!!  I have to Appologize for the Lack of Posting here..  I am not a Good Blogger..

I do Post on the APN forums and on the CT forum.. 

Great Things are stirring on the forums , we are growing in Numbers and people are seriously seeking to learn and grow..  I’m here to tell you about some Plant ID hikes I have Planned starting in Late March.. Please Go to the CT forum and read about this in the meet-ups area.. 

Join the APN Forum at www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.net
Visit the Connecticut Forum at www.connecticutPreppersNetwork.net

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  1. Anthony Collazo

    Finally I find a local sight and hope I can learn much from it. Thanks for exhisting and now allowing me to be part of it.

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