Feb 16

Climate Change Increasing Storms in Connecticut?

Governor Malloy says climate change is responsible for the increase in winter storms dumping massive amounts of snow on the state.  More than 40 inches in one month was enough to cause power outages, property damages, and road closings.  For the people in the state who are not prepared, this situation can be nearly unbearable or deadly.

If in fact that climate change is what brought these changes in weather patterns, or if it is just a random year, it is still important to prepare and be ready to survive weather incidents that keep you trapped in your home for days or weeks.

If you used part of your preps during this winter season, be sure to replace them as soon as possible!


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  1. Pat O'Shaughnessy

    Malloy’s clamoring about so-called “climate change” is just another pile of statist propaganda. The Anthropgenic Global Warming scam has been debunked worldwide by the revelations of “climategate”. In this release of hacked emails from Penn State and East Anglia Universities, the dishonest complicity of the researchers was revealed in their altered data.

    Don’t buy in to the lies! This disinformation is akin to their other lies concerning the IRS abuses or NSA eavesdropping…the goal is not environmental protection, but rather control over each of us. Prepping requires one to be informed and thus, ready to face the coming reality.

    The reality of Malloy is…CONTROL.

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